Alert: Cyber Criminals are Working 24x7

JIO इस कठिन परिस्थितियों में दे रहा है सभी इंडियन यूजर को रु.498 का फ्री रिचार्ज

LOCKDOWN में आवश्यक वास्तु की जरुरत है? यहाँ क्लिक कर घर बैठे मँगाए सामान

अपना बैंक खाता विवरण दर्ज करें सरकार भेजेगी आप के खाते में पैसा

During the Pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 (Novel Corona Virus), some people with dark intentions are engaged 24x7 creating new ways to attack you digitally every minute, to harras you, to steal your data, to hack your accounts, to trespass your bank's security. You must keep sharp eyes on each and every SMS and social media posts before clicking any link and opening your door for a digital criminal. Following are some of the recent traps of cyber criminal, also if you see any new cyber trap, please share with us through Contribute Page.